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Energy Management

In all buildings, new and old, the energy management of the installed HVAC systems can not only save expenditure in utilities, but can ensure suitable environments for occupants and users.

Lateral strongly believe that the key to low carbon buildings is to minimise energy demand, and to do this attention must be given throughout the design installation and occupancy of the building. Only through minimising energy demand can we make progress on reducing a building's operational energy use.

We have a track record in delivering energy savings in all building stock, from new builds to existing buildings. With new buildings, no matter how energy efficient the design, if the integration of the systems and the optimisation of the plant and BMS is not set up correctly, the expected savings will not be achieved. With old buildings, even with plant and equipment that has not been selected for energy efficient operation, substantial savings can be made through new maintenance regimes and new BMS control strategies.

Key to these savings is the ability to look at the whole operation of the building: from the condition of the plant and the use of new software strategies for the control of plant and environment, to understanding how the occupiers use the building.

We can offer the full range of services including plant condition surveys, BMS optimisation, baseload analysis, design review, occupant influences, and advice on capital projects with a view to practicable replacement programmes with paybacks based on real-time energy use and actual plant operating energy usage.


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