What is Commissioning Management? What is Commissioning Management? What is Commissioning Management? What is Commissioning Management?

What is Commissioning Management?

Posted: 28/08/2019
What is Commissioning Management?

What is Commissioning Management?

The government of Scotland has declared energy efficiency a National Infrastructure Priority, with an ever-increasing focus on how to achieve energy efficiency in the most cost-effective way possible. This is where commissioning management comes into the picture. But what is commissioning management?

What Does Commissioning Mean?

The California Commissioning Collaborative (CCC) states, the word "commissioning" stems from the shipbuilding industry. When preparing to set sail on a ship, surely you'd want to feel confident in your vessel's readiness for the journey, right? The ship's structure must be examined thoroughly with all systems tested to confirm everything is in working order prior to departure. Once a ship has completed a rigorous quality assurance procedure, it's called a commissioned ship. The same terminology is used when referring to new buildings.

"When a building is commissioned, it undergoes an intensive quality assurance process that begins during design and continues through construction, occupancy, and operations. Commissioning ensures that the new building operates as the owner intended and that building staff are prepared to operate and maintain its systems and equipment." – CCC 

Commissioning Management and Energy Efficiency

Commissioning Management is not just another energy-saving tactic; it's a quality assurance operation and risk-management strategy that is essential in the design, installation, and operation of new buildings. Commissioning is a critical process in creating low-carbon buildings, but its importance can sometimes be overlooked. Hiring a 'commissioning consultant' helps clients save energy and money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and manage related risks while keeping occupants safe, comfortable, and productive.

Partnering with Lateral - Your Low Carbon Consultant

Commissioning management services are conducted as a pre-emptive measure during the design and construction phase of a new facility ... ensuring that commissioning works are supervised and implemented with the highest of standards. Research published by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory revealed companies that utilised commissioning services recouped the money invested within four years, giving further proof that partnering with a Commissioning Management consultant is a wise investment.

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Lateral - Low Carbon Consultant's seasoned engineering teams are trained to think outside-of-the-box and solve problems using a lateral approach. We utilise the latest technologies and provide optimal commissioning management solutions to help companies reduce their carbon footprint.


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