How to Save your Business Money... How to Save your Business Money... How to Save your Business Money... How to Save your Business Money...

How to Save your Business Money...

Posted: 13/04/2019
How to Save your Business Money...

and the Planet via intelligent Energy Management

It’s hard for a day to go by nowadays where we are not reminded that we could all be living our lives in a more sustainable way. We are constantly bombarded with news reports, posters and documentaries showing us the sheer havoc we are wreaking on our planet. On top of this, rising energy prices are making it more expensive than ever to maintain our current usage which can be problematic for businesses. That’s where energy management comes in.  

What is Energy Management? 
Energy management is the process of monitoring, controlling and conserving energy in a business. This is done by collecting data on energy usage and strategising ways in which consumption can be reduced. This is achieved through a variety of methods starting with an audit. Effective data collection is also needed at the initial stages to gain a clear insight into how much energy is used by a company. From here a strategy is developed to target energy consumption.
Energy reduction methods can range from simple housekeeping techniques like utilising natural light to a deeper analysis of buildings and infrastructure. Actively managing a company’s real-time usage on a day to day basis is also important in pinpointing areas of excessive use. Combining this with new technologies and software will enable a company to develop a sustainable and effective strategy.

Advantages of Energy Management 
An effective energy management strategy can provide firms with gains financially, environmentally and socially. Technological advances over the past decade mean that with an effective energy strategy, businesses can now save themselves up to 30% on their energy bills by reducing their waste and consumption. The money which is saved can then be used elsewhere in the business. A win-win for businesses, effective energy management will save you money and make your company more sustainable in the long term while also helping the planet with greener practices.
Alongside the financial gains of using less energy, studies have shown that energy management also strengthens a company’s corporate image. Environmental issues are on the radar of global consumers now more than ever. People understand the importance of sustainability and expect it from corporations. A company which promotes greener practices is therefore at an advantage to those without. What’s more, by reducing energy your company is becoming more productive by effectively doing more with less. 

Future of Energy Management 
With the carbon footprint of companies under increasing scrutiny and continuous global pressure on governments to reduce energy usage, the future of energy management is positive. For firms, the long terms effects far outweigh the initial cost, while a number of government schemes are now using financial incentives to encourage better energy usage. With technology continuously improving, strategies are evolving, and new, improved practices are coming to light.  


For more information on how Lateral can improve your energy management click on our Energy Management page where you can find further information on how you can save your company money while also doing your bit for the planet. 

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